Who we are


‘Ornitologia Lodato’ (Ornithology Lodato) is a shop which, since 1983, has been specialising in the sale of products and ornamental birds for cages and aviaries for breeders and lovers of the world of ornithology.
A world made of passion for birds, thus the correct way of keeping birds in captivity, their reproduction and display at Ornithological Exhibitions. We come from a past time (which continues with the passage of time) of breeding, and we are part of FOI Onlus (Italian Horticultural Federation), with whom we share the motto of “breeding is protecting”.
The competence gained over time permits us to offer our clients a wide range of all the best products for the management of their hobby. Furthermore we have a vast range of birds ( which can be seen in their beautiful standards) originating from the best breeders in all of Europe.
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